Are My Gutters in Need of Replacement? Here’s How to Tell.

Alpine Gutters & Downspouts10 Symptoms of Gutters in Need of Replacement knows the importance of a properly running system, and we want you to be aware of these 10 symptoms of gutters in need of replacement so you’ll know when something is not right. Our technicians can then come out and get everything back up and running smoothly in no time.

According to the National Association of Homebuilders, gutters made of galvanized steel or aluminum last approximately two decades, and copper gutters usually will last a whopping half a century! To reach these maximums, all it takes is proper gutter maintenance and repairs if you discover any issues.

Eventually, you’ll know they’re reaching the end of the line when they show one or more of these 10 symptoms of gutters in need of replacement.

  1. Many cracks, holes, or rust spots

Some issues can be fixed using sealant and flashing. But if you see more and more sections where this is apparent, then you may want to opt for all new gutters and call on the professionals.

  1. Many broken fasteners

These are pieces of metal that hold your gutter to your roof and keep it level. Repairing one or two fasteners here and there is great. But if these problems persist, the gutters may become a problem.

  1. Nails or screws on the ground

The nails or screws that fasten the gutter to the fascia can work themselves loose, and replacing them is not that difficult a job, but repeated instances of this may indicate the gutter system is wearing.

  1. Separated gutters

Gutter systems only function if they are fastened together in a continuous channel, allowing water to flow freely. If they begin separating from one another and more frequent times, it may be time for a gutter replacement.

  1. Gutters that separate away from your roof

You can hammer in the fasteners if you notice this occurring, but if spaces continue to appear between the roofline and the gutters, the fascia boards could be rotting. A gutter replacement may be in order.

  1. Sagging or improperly-pitched gutters

If a proper pitch is not maintained, the water will pool in various sections and possibly spill over. In this case, consider replacing your gutters.

  1. Peeling exterior paint

When gutters pull away from the roof, water can seep down over the edge and onto your siding and trim. Peeling paint is a sure sign this has been happening for some time.

  1. Dirt channels or water pooling

After a heavy rain or downpour, you may notice water spilling over. Alpine Gutters and Downspouts can come out and repair gutters damaged by storms, but if it’s a frequent occurrence, we may recommend going with new.

  1. Eroded landscaping

Landscaping is not cheap, and most of us spend a bundle on it. If your gutters are wreaking havoc of your garden, you may want to nip the frustration in the bud and get some new gutters.

  1. Basement flooding

Last on our list of 10 symptoms of gutters in need of replacement is a big one. Water constantly pouring near your foundation could start leaking into your basement, where it can do significant damage. If you find yourself repairing your basement, go ahead and replace your gutters too.

Knowing these 10 symptoms of gutters in need of replacement will allow you to address an issue that if ignored could lead to home damage. Alpine Gutters & Downspouts is here to help every step of the way.

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