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Do you need Downspout Repair? Here are Some Signs

Downspouts play a pivotal role in removing water and moisture away from your home. How can you tell if your downspouts are functioning properly? Here are some signs that could indicate it’s time for downspout repair. Soil erosion near your home’s foundation Loose fasteners, or downspouts that pull away from your fascia An excessive amount…
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Is it time to repaint, repair, or replace your gutters?

Many homeowners in Denver think that flaking paint is an immediate warning sign that they need to replace their gutters. Yet, old paint typically only indicates that it’s time to repaint them. In fact, you might not even need to replace your gutters if they leak or seem corroded in spots. Consider the following: You…
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Checking the perimeter of your home

When checking the damage faulty gutters can cause to the perimeters of your property, you need to look at a range of possibilities. Are your paths, lawns, stonework or flower borders damaged? Internal perimeter checks could find water leaking into either a crawl space or right down into your basement itself. A gradual build-up of…
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The problem with falling leaves

Ah, Fall. That season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, as a poet once said. And leaves; so many leaves. They can look great, twirling individually in a gentle breeze; or in great piles ready for kids and hounds to jump into. Not so wonderful when they are clogging up your gutters, leaving melted snow or…
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Downspouts – not exactly a new invention!

When do you think you’d find the first recorded case of a downspout being installed on a building? Well, it was to offer a level of protection for newly whitewashed walls from the rain. The building was the Tower of London; the year this installation took place was – 1240! Centuries later, slightly more modern…
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Understanding the damage caused to your home by clogged gutters

The damage caused to your home by clogged or faulty gutters can range from flooded basements to erosion or cracks in your building’s foundations. However, there is another – less obvious – way in which this problem can affect your life. If standing water caused by gutter blockages grows stagnant, then it can quickly become…
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Damaged gutters – but not people!

If your property has damaged gutters, they can be safely repaired or replaced by professional experts. Sadly, our team does come across situations where a property owner – or some member of their family or work team – has been sent up an unsafe ladder with ineffective equipment to sort it out! Over-stretching, slipping, or…
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You gutter get ready for fall!

Sorry for the terrible pun in the title. But it is a reminder of the changing season – and of the meaning of the word fall. Fallen leaves and other detritus is going to be flying around at some stage during the next few months as the late-year weather kicks in. Gutters and downspouts can…
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The danger of damaged gutters

Gutters are crucial to keeping water from rain away from your home. It is important not to overlook any damages your gutter may suffer. Here are some of the dangers that damaged gutters pose to your home: Flooded basement – if a heavy rainstorm comes and the rain gutters are damaged, your basement will most…
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