Frozen rain gutters

How to prevent ice buildup in your gutters

Gutters can quickly freeze in winter and create a foundation for roof ice dams and dangerous long icicles. The heavy ice often causes severe gutter and roof damage as well. To prevent ice buildup, we recommend the following:

  • Invest in gutter cleaning by professionals prior to the season. Ice forms faster when leaves, twigs, mold deposits and other debris block drainage points.
  • Add downspouts to every length of gutter instead of drilling small drainage holes. Drilled drainage holes can become blocked effortlessly by a tiny amount of debris.
  • Hire a gutter installation company to install seamless steel or copper gutters. Ice typically pushes apart non-seamless gutters at the seams, which causes dripping and damage.
  • Invest in a gutter cable heating system. The cables keep the gutters warm enough during winter to prevent ice formation.

At Alpine Gutters & Downspouts, Inc., we know how to prevent ice buildup and associated damage. We are your local gutter repair and installation experts in the Denver region. Call today for more information.

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