The Importance of Clean Gutters

The Importance of Clean Gutters Alpine Gutters & Downspouts DenverThe importance of clean gutters cannot be overstated, and Alpine Gutters & Downspouts is one company that truly does understand how significant this task is when it comes to protecting your home. Here we provide you with a few great reasons why gutters should be properly cleaned at least twice a year. Just be sure to give yourself a little extra time when the season arrives, and make a small checklist of what needs to be accomplished for your gutter system.

Gutter systems are your home’s defense for keeping water and snow from damaging your foundations, roof, walkways, driveway, and landscaping. If leaves, nests or debris become clogged within your system, this only spells disaster, and many headaches to deal with. This can all be avoided with simple gutter cleaning and proper maintenance.

If you don’t understand the importance of clean gutters, here are some issues that you will notice if your gutter system is ignored:


If the water runoff does not have a clean pathway, it will drip down the sides; this causes the siding to rot, and even pull away from the side of the house, causing unsightly stains on your siding and creating ice dams in the gutters in the winter. The roof may also show signs of rotting, which may lead to replacing tiles and replacing the gutter system to rectify the issue.


The home’s foundation can also be affected because the gutters send water to part of the yard or area around your house that can absorb it. But when the gutters are broken or overflowing, the water drips down, causing cracks which will eventually make their way into the basement or other susceptible areas. Mold and rot indoors will be the end result, and it can even chip away at the foundation of the home, causing outrageously expensive repairs in the future, not to mention toxic molds.


Not only will a bird’s nest or small rodents nest cause clogging in your gutters, but they also attract larvae from mosquitoes and other flies or insects, which may carry diseases. The importance of clean gutters is that by keeping this type of debris out of your system, you’ll protect not only yourself but your family and fellow animals friends. Illnesses such as West Nile virus are extremely dangerous for children and pregnant women but are easily avoided by eliminating potential breeding grounds for larvae. Do not provide a hospitable home in your gutter systems for these creatures, as everyone will suffer for it!


By protecting your gutters, you are in a sense protecting your home from safety hazards too. But it is also important to mention that cleaning your gutters can be a dangerous job, especially for the elderly, or where there may be a greater chance of falling because of the height of the roof or the temperatures outdoors. Don’t ever try to clean your gutters without someone standing by to help or hold the ladder sturdy, and never attempt to do a job that could cause you serious injury. Alpine Gutters & Downspouts is in the business of providing you with the proper tools, experienced installers and maintenance crews, and affordable systems for all budgets.

A Word on Power Lines

When cleaning gutters around a power cable that descends from the power pole to the roof of a building, it is imperative that you do a visual inspection of the electrical cable first, where it connects to the roof. This ensures that the protective wire insulation hasn’t rubbed off.

If you notice that the cable appears to have some significant damage, do not attempt to take this into your own hands. It is essential to call a licensed professional electrical contractor to fix the issue immediately. If it is raining and there is an electrical wire problem, do not attempt to clean out the gutters until the cables are fixed. Water is a formidable conductor of electricity and can cause serious harm.

Procedure for Common Sense Gutter Cleaning

If you understand the importance of clean gutters, have some experience cleaning them, and the danger risk is minimum, here are some quick tips for getting a jump start on this task before the winter weather sets in:

  • Ensure large tree limbs with falling leaves are pruned away from your gutter system to prevent more leaves from clogging it
  • Wear protective clothing, gloves, and mask
  • Have an extendable ladder and spotter with you
  • Have a scooper handy to get all the debris out, and a garden hose to rinse it all down through the downspout
  • Have a garbage bag handy for debris

This can give you a good start on the cleaning of your gutter systems, but it is not the end result. You may want to hire a professional company such as Alpine Gutters & Downspouts to check out your system and see where there may be issues in the future. Let us provide you with a detailed inspection to get the most out of your gutters year round.

Remember, gutter systems are a huge help for your home and can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. But they are a solution that requires ongoing cleaning and checking. Gutters and downspouts must be inspected at regular intervals twice a year, more if our area sees heavier snowfalls or lots of rain and wind. The importance of clean gutters is that the system acts as a raincoat. It will help in common weather situations, but will not endure in extreme situations if it’s not cared for properly. Always check on your gutters to see if they are in stable condition.

Now that you are aware of the importance of clean gutters, give Alpine Gutters & Downspouts a call today for an estimate on cleaning, repairs or maintenance. We look forward to hearing from you and giving you the best quality gutter systems, as well as friendly and responsive service.

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