Rain Gutter Cleaning

Alpine Gutters Denver ColoradoAt Alpine Gutters & Downspouts in Denver, the first rule of business for winter prep is to attend to the gutters. Clogged gutters from debris, twigs, leaves and even dead animals can lead to ice dams which can turn into a whole host of other problems that affect your home inside and out.

Of course, handling this task can be a bit risky. How many times have you seen a neighbor outstretched on a tall ladder trying laboriously to clean their gutters? Before scaling the side of your home, keep in mind that according to U.S. government issued statistics, 150,000 people are injured as a result of falling off of ladders, and more than 150 people are killed annually. The fact is, it is not an easy job, so if you’d like to not put your life at risk, leave it to the professionals at Alpine Gutters & Downspouts.

Do you know why gutter systems are so critical to your home? Let us shed some light on the topic. Gutters help to reduce erosion, prevent water from leaking into the basement and protect your exterior painted surfaces, to name a few. If a gutter is clogged, there is no place for the rain and snow to go, therefore resulting in overflows and damage to interiors and exteriors.

Save yourself the headache of having to replace soffits and wood fascia by having the gutters cleaned and maintained regularly. Plus, standing water from clogged gutters can become breeding grounds for mosquitos, algae, weeds and moss, which as you know, wreaks havoc on your home and property.

When getting your home ready for the winter, also consider getting Alpine Gutters & Downspouts Leaf Relief system installed. Leaf Relief’s patented design ensures that water freely flows while debris is lifted away from gutters by a reasonable breeze. Leaf Relief has a 10-year warranty application for new and existing gutters and is 100% effective against leaves, twigs, debris and more.

These systems fit standard gutters and are also available in copper. Leaf Relief keeps water flowing, it never clogs or overflows, and it will solve most gutter problems. Compare it to other products on the market, and you will see it ranks extremely high in protecting your gutters.

Water damage to your home is not a laughing matter. Leaking, sagging, and rusting gutters with poor drainage are signs that there are some issues with your gutters and or downspouts.

There is a lot to consider when getting your home ready for the winter, so give Alpine Gutters & Downspouts a call, and we will give you an estimate on how to make your gutter systems function at their absolute best, which is the first starting point for winter preparedness.

So where do you start getting your home ready for the winter? Here are some tips to get you started:

Trim any trees or branches that may be hanging too closely to the house.

  1. Do a complete walk-through of your home, especially looking for cracks or holes that critters may enter, seeking a warm place to spend the night.
  2. Check your eaves, downspouts, and gutters for damage or wear so you can let the professionals know when they arrive.
  3. Seal areas where rats can enter, especially eaves.
  4. Look around the yard to ensure you don’t have leaf piles or garbage that may attract rodents.
  5. Check that your roof isn’t damaged or missing shingles and repair if necessary.
  6. Ensure all your outside taps, irrigation, and hose lines are shut off to avoid freezing.
  7. Make sure your shovels, snow blowers, and scrapers are all ready to go.

If you’re still getting your home ready for the winter, give Alpine Gutters & Downspouts a call today to have your outside winter checklist completed with a proper gutter cleaning. You’ll feel great, your family will be safer, and winter will be spent cozy and warm. Call or contact us today for an appointment.

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