Are Residential and Commercial Gutters the Same?

Alpine Gutters & DownspoutsAre Residential and Commercial Gutters the Same is here to answer all your questions and concerns, and some of you may be wondering, are residential and commercial gutters the same? Well, we are here to inform you that both are unique. Read on below to find out more. 

The Legal Aspect

The most basic answer to this query relates to how most municipalities typically classify buildings and property.

Commercial buildings are subject to a unique set of laws and codes, and some of these differences may affect the installation and function of the gutters on commercial buildings. Commercial buildings require gutters of a certain size or material, and there may be rules concerning where and how gutter downspouts can discharge runoff water, so they don’t affect nearby businesses or create safety hazards.

Materials/ Functionality

Both commercial and residential gutter systems function almost equally. They direct roof runoff water (or melting ice and snow) away from the building to avoid costly foundation damage inside and outside of the home.  Also, most residential and commercial gutters are constructed of aluminum or galvanized steel. Copper and vinyl gutters are mostly chosen for residences, not commercial buildings. Vinyl is a much cheaper option for homeowners who are looking to save money and not too concerned about aesthetics.

The Basics

Gutters come mostly in 5 and 6-inch widths, therefore, commercial properties will most likely choose the larger version for more run off and the size of their building, there is even an option for 7 inches. They often come in 2 different shapes too; the K style and the U style. Both function equally well, but again it is up to the appearance you want to give your home or commercial building. K-style is the more popular choice for commercial buildings.

Guarding your Gutters

Commercial and residential gutters differ regarding what types of gutter protection system is recommended. For residences, gutter guards are designed to last a lifetime so that homeowners never need to clean their gutters again and find themselves struggling with a ladder. And for commercials properties, there are heavy-gauge, aluminum construction gutters that withstand the volume and debris pouring into them.

Determining what works best for you, whether it is residential or commercial, is something you really should sit down and discuss with your gutter company. Go over the costs, installation, materials, pros and cons, and even the aesthetic aspects of it all. There are so many varieties to choose from, with technology ever advancing. Be sure to ask about ongoing maintenance and the costs.

Remember, gutters protect your home from:

  • Flooding
  • Cracked/damaged foundation
  • Infestations of mosquitos and insects breeding in standing water
  • Mold
  • Erosion
  • Staining of your fascia, soffits, walls, decks, patios, driveways
  • Paint damage
  • Rotting, rusting
  • Landscaping damage

If you ever wondered, are residential and commercial gutters the same? We at Alpine Gutters and Downspouts, hope you know that they do have their similarities, but also their differences. Give us a call today, for a free quote on a new gutter system for your home or commercial dwelling.

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