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Why are my gutters stained?

Gutters are components of your home’s exterior, so there are many reasons why staining can occur.

Stripes, scuffs, and marks can appear from blowing dirt, air pollutants, rust, animals, tree debris, and petroleum-based runoff from roofs. When water from rain or dew mixes with dust and other things, a build-up can happen over time. It is often seen on the gutters with a striping effect, as dripping and running can create it.

To prevent or lessen staining, make a point to clean them up every year — many do it in the spring — with a soft scrub brush, mild soap, and water. Don’t use abrasive chemical-based cleansers. Ask the team at Alpine Gutter and Downspouts Denver for their best recommendations on solutions when you schedule your next gutter cleaning or rain gutter repair. Or just call anytime at all! We are here for you.

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